The Premium Topless Strapless Sticky Sandals - They Stick to Your Feet!


"All the fun and freedom of bare feet!"


No Tan Lines - No Blisters - No Gooey Glue - Leaving No Residue - Re-Useable!

So What's the Difference Between the NEW Premiums and the Original Topless Sticky Sandals?


  • The Premium Topless Sticky Sandals sport new exciting patterned surface fabrics that are fashioned of vivid, flamboyant colors.
  • The bright two-tone color soles pop with colors that enhance the match to the bold surface fabrics.
  • The built in arch support on this ¾”+ thick neoprene sole means the Premium Model is less tiring to wear than our Original Product.
  • The thicker sole offers better cushioning on uneven surfaces.  Deep tread design is perfect for walking on slick or smooth surfaces; still be careful.
  • Product comes in a reusable, snap closure bag.  The easy shut silicone bag is great for short or long term storage after cleaning.
  • The same great adhesives that you liked on the Original Topless Sticky Sandals are used on the Premium products.  However … new application processes have improved the glue function and durability.
  • Available in three sizes (small, medium and large) for men and women.
  • The glue sticks very well, are easily cleaned and are still warranted for six months problem free wear.


"Please Don't Be Fooled By Imitations!"


Our Product is the Original Topless Sticky Sandal! - Now with Arch Supports!


That's Cool - Down-Unders - Sticky Sandals!


United States Patent #7,029,552

Starting at $12.99 per Pair!


When ordering you will choose a color, not a pattern.  All patterns are Hawaiian Tropical Themes. Your choices of colors are Subject to Availability.

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If you require quantities larger than 36 pairs, please contact us.

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