Most commonly asked questions:


Q: How do the sandals stick to your feet?

A: Sticky Sandals have a special adhesive built into the sandal that is designed to stick to your skin, but does not come off on your skin. Just step onto the sandals and go! No tan lines, no hot feet, no blisters, anything between your toes! All the comforts of being barefoot without the pain! They are completely reusable!


Q: Do the sandals feel weird on your feet when you are wearing them?

A: They do feel strange for the first time you wear them. After a few steps you don't even notice them on your feet. You will have all the comforts of being barefoot without the encumbrance or pain of shoes and flip-flops.


Q: How long do the sandals last or stick?

A: The topless sandals will stick to your feet until they get too dirty. When your sandals "stickiness" diminishes, don't panic!! They just need to be washed up. A mild gentle soap will work; water and a soft bristle scouring brush are all you need. Scrub the adhesive surface lightly until dirt and oils are removed, rinse and let air dry. (Usually 15 to 20 min). "Presto your sandals are ready to go again."


Things to note, avoid the use of Dishwasher or Comet® soaps. The chlorine in it will eat the glue and bleach the fabric. The same is true of liquid detergents. You should not use soap with moisturizers or lotions in them for the same reason that you cannot use moisturizers or lotions on your feet. It will cause the glue to lose its adhesive qualities.


Do not use a hard plastic or metal "scouring" brush and do not scrub the surface too vigorously. Again, the glue can be scrubbed right off the shoes. We recommend a nail brush and no more than about 10-15 seconds of brushing should clean the shoes and rejuvenate the glue.


CAUTION: Foreign objects will stick to topless shoes and you may not be able to use them again!! Clean environments recommended! Do not use in dirt, mud, sand, or any other area wear objects may stick and not be removed.


Q: What do I do if my feet sweat?

A: For the sandals to work, you must make sure your feet are dry clean and free of lotions when you first put the sandals on and the sandals will adhere to your feet. If you sweat or live in high moisture environment, you may want to apply a antiperspirant spray. Let dry and then stick your feet to the sandals.


Q: How do you take the sandals off?

A: Simply peel the sandals off. If the sandals become really stuck to your feet, just run water between the bottom of your feet and the sandal glue surface and they will soon pop-off.


if you are still having trouble taking the sandals off, DO NOT YANK OR RIP THEM OFF; just merely place your feet in warmer water and wiggle the sandals back and forth until the adhesive breaks free of your skin.


Q: What if I or one of my family members has sensitive feet?

A: We should really mention that our sandals are NOT recommended for children under 7 years old or at any age if you have sensitive, excessively dry, foot rashes or tender skin.


Q: Do the sandals feel strange on your feet when you are wearing them?

A: They feel strange for the first moment. Then you don't even notice them on your feet. You have all the comforts of being barefoot without the pain.


Q: What is the difference between Originals & Disposables?

A: We basically offer Three (3) types of Topless Strapless Sticky Sandals:


    Disposables Topless Sticky Sandals– Non Perforated

    Disposables Topless Sticky Sandals – Perforated

    Originals Topless Sticky Sandals – Flat Surface


The Non-Perforated DISPOSABLES are made as a one time use and fits a foot that is 10.5" long or less. They can be cut with scissors to fit a smaller foot. They are thin and you can not rejuvenate the adhesive. Six solid colors from which to choose. (Price range: less than $1.95 each)


The Perforated DISPOSABLES are made as a one time use and fits a foot that is 12" long or less. They can be broken down easily to fit a smaller foot. They are thin and you can not rejuvenate the adhesive. One solid color of Black currently available. (Price range: less than $2.25 each)


The ORIGINALS are made for multiple uses and come in 7 different sizes. They are about 5/8" thick and you can easily rejuvenate the adhesive with soap, water and a soft brush to wear again and again. Available Colors & Patterns are assorted Tropical Island prints. (Price range: less than $10 each)


Q. Why am I unable to choose the exact pattern sandal I want?

A: Most of the patterns displayed on our website are from past production runs. Therefore, each time we have a new production yield, it may have completely different colors and patterns than the previous run. Patterns are discontinued as material and fabric is used and new fabric styles are added all the time. For this reason, it is almost impossible to try and post the constant changes without having to increase the cost of the product. We allow our customers to choose a BASE Color and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Our fabrics and colors are fun and neat when they are in the package, but remember  that your feet will cover most of the sandal so the pattern and color are somewhat hidden.  The illusion is that of Bare Feet!


Q: How do I pay?

A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express credit cards, Pay Pal®, e-Checks, Cash orders, and C.O.D. we ship at time of order. We accept personal checks; however, product will ship when check clears the bank.


Q: How long does it take to get my order?

A: It really depends on the time of year. Normally you will wait no longer than 3 to 5 business days after purchase of your order. We ship within 24 hours all stock products. Some order will ship the same day as ordered if it is received before 12:00pm Pacific Standard Time. All orders in excess of 500 pieces will ship within 48-72 hours.


Q: Can you wear the sandals in the shower or the gym?

A: Sticky Sandals are not designed as a shower shoe but yes, you can wear them in the shower. If you need to wash the bottom of your feet, you will have to step back onto dry sandals with clean dry feet.


The sandals are designed to be worn where you would like to be barefoot: Any indoor or outdoor activity, at the pool, in RV parks, around the house, walking the dog, getting the paper, and on vacation


Q: Why do I remember these as Down-Unders?

A: Down-Unders and KoasterZ and Sole-Suckers were our OLD names for the Original Topless Sandals. The product was patented under the Down-Under name. For marketing reasons the name was changed a couple years ago to That's Cool!


Q: What is your Return or Exchange Policy?


A: All returns and exchanges must be PRE-AUTHORIZED.  Also merchandise must be in a clean unused state and in the original packaging.  In most cases, the actual shipping charges can cost more than what the product is worth, so if an item is returned, the refund would be less the actual shipping, handling and insurance cost.


As a buyer, you would also be responsible for safely shipping the product back to us. As indicated above, all returns must be Pre-Authorized with a Return Authorization Number on the outside of the package.


Any package returned without prior authorization will not be accepted and no refund given. Exchanges can be made for a different color or size, but are subject to availability. As indicated above, the merchandise must be unopened an in resalable condition. You have 15 days after your order date to exchange or return the item. After 15 days returned items will incur a re-stocking fee of thirty percent (30%) of purchase price.


Q: What is the Warranty of the Sticky Sandals?


A: If there is a defect in the Topless Sticky Sandal or damage that occurred in shipping, please save the packaging materials along with the product and contact us immediately for a replacement. We will send a prepaid postage label for your shoes to be returned and verified by our laboratory.


The warranty on the adhesive is for six (6) months. You will need to save your receipt and have it available if a replacement is needed in the six (6) month period. Keep in mind that it is normal for the Topless Sandals to lose some of the adhesive in certain pressure point areas, but it should not affect the ability of it to stay on your foot. The beading up of the glue is also normal. There is a shipping charge for a replacement pair of Topless Sandals. Please contact us for details.