Disposables Topless Strapless Sticky Sandals - Card Stock with Adhesive Strips

Unlike our Originals that can be cleaned and last for a long time; our Disposable Topless Strapless Sticky Sandals are good for a few uses and have been used successfully by our customers. Disposables are great for use after Pedicures, in a Health Club, around a Pool, the Beach, at a Tanning Salon, at a Spa, at a Resort, Airport Security Screening, if in a Hospital, after getting a Foot Tattoo, on a Cruise, or where ever else you just want to go Topless!

Great for Spray-on Tanning & Airbrushing!


  • No Tan Lines - No Blisters - No Gooey Glue - Leaving No Residue!
  • Prices starting from $0.75 down to as low as $0.30 per pair!
  • Minimum Order 25 Pairs
  • They may be disposable, but still can wear a few times!

BULK WIDE PACK - 25 Pairs Per Pack – Disposable Topless Sticky Sandals


Bulk Wrapped in 25 Pairs of Disposables Prices:

Color: WHITE, Bulk Wrapped 25 Pairs

Material: Cardboard Stock with Adhesive Strips

Size: 11” Heel-to-Toe x 4.5” Wide at Toe & 4” Wide at Heel.

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Features & Benefits:


Sticky Sandals Spa Soles are unique strapless "stick on feet" that protects the sole of your foot. These disposable hygienic sandals attach to the sole of the foot with a "skin friendly", adhesive. When finished, simply peel away from the bottom of the foot and dispose of the sandal.

Sticky Sandals Spa Soles Disposable spa sandals are constructed from thin but durable paper cardstock and are recyclable.

Sticky Sandals Spa Soles are great for spray tanning, tanning salons, pedicures, temperature sensitive surfaces, spas, pools and health clubs. They stick securely to the bottom of the foot without worry of peeling off or coming loose during a spa session or a spray tan session.



Simple Steps to Comfort & Protection...

Select Color (Black ONLY in Stock right now)


Measure Size & Scissor Cut If Desired


Remove Protective Sheet


Step on Sandal


Press Down Firmly


Form Fit


Now you are ready to go...


One Size - 25 Pairs Bulk Wrapped - Adhesive Strips – White


Disposable Topless Sandals are an ideal product for spas, hotels, motels or anywhere where a "use it once" application is desired. Available in the same colors and custom printed with your logo as our Custom Topless Sandals, these disposable sandals are an economical alternative when a minimal wear-life in called for - perfect for after the pedicure or getting your guests to the pool!

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