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Custom Imprinted Topless Sandals

Great Topless Sticky Sandals with Your Name On Them!!




Custom Disposable Topless Sticky Sandals - Silk-screened or Pad-printed Logos


Disposables can be printed with your logo or message on the bottom of the standard stock soles - Inquiry Here


Designed to meet the needs of the hospitality and travel industry, Custom Topless Sandals are the perfect guest-gift for hotels, resorts, spas and cruise lines. Available in many colors and custom printed with your logo, these sandals are an ideal addition to your guest packages and are a constant reinforcement of your brand - long after the vacation or visit is over.


Originals can be printed with your logo or message from the ground up. We print the fabric that is attached to the Topless Sticky Sandals - Inquiry Here


Manufactured in quantities of 5,000 to 10,000, Custom Disposable Topless Sticky Sandals can be delivered within 90 days of a client's approval of product proof. Great for corporate events and promotional give-aways, too!


For The Original Topless Sticky Sandal; The option is to produce a complete Custom Fabric:


We can actually print your images on the fabric.


You must purchase a BOLT of material (enough to produce about 5,000 sandals, depends on sizes chosen).


We can hold the material and produce in production runs of 500 sandals.


Below is an example of how your artwork needs to be printed. Close logos and small artwork as to always have it visible when we die-cut the sandals.


If you are interested in having us produce Custom Topless Sandals for you, please Contact Us for a special quote.