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"I've been wearing Sticky Sandals for years just for comfort and barefoot "feel". I tried a competitor's product after they spammed my email and I got confused and gave them an order intended for you.  I'm back with your company for a better product and better service.


I was recently diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and I developed some small diabetic ulcers on my feet right near the spaces between my toes that needed to be treated with antibiotics and plenty of fresh air. Thongs would have been painful and may have even made the infection worse. My nurse practitioner (Lorraine B.- Carlisle PA) asked me if I would consider wearing Sticky Sandals, and I told her I had a couple old pairs at home already!  While we were chatting    about them, she was busy writing me a prescription and a work note to let me wear them at he office while my feet got better. My own sticky sandals at home were almost a year old, so I called in an order for some fresh ones and Steve in your office put a rush on it and my sandals came from California to Pennsylvania in less than 48 hours with a handwritten label on the envelope- that alone told me he must have stopped whatever he was doing and took personal care of my order when I explained how important it was that I get some fresh stickies on my feet!!


Everyone at the office had to know where I got them, so you might be getting a few more orders from Harrisburg PA soon! I also wore them at a nearby hospital where my mother was admitted for a week and all the staff there were intrigued by the obvious hygiene benefits as well as comfort and simplicity.    


Great product and great service. Thanks again!!" - David H. (Harrisburg, PA)




"I purchased my first pair of these a few years ago and I absolutely loved them!  I like going barefoot, but that isn't always practical, so these are the next best thing.  They are comfortable, you can wear them over and over again and people always want to know where they can get a pair for themselves. These sandals are the best invention ever!!!" - Sherrie (Orange County, California)


"I have approx 50 pairs, and love everyone of them. I have given away some as gift and they also have loved them. Wonderful and alot of looks. they are GREAT." - Evelyn V (Michigan)


"I borrowed these from a friend in Florida to do some shopping while on vacation.  I was tired of tan lines and I wanted something comfortable to do a lot of walking in.  Everywhere I went people approached me to ask me about them.  I brought them home with me and i can't wait for the weather to get hot so I can wear them here in Cleveland.  It's as close to going barefoot as you can get.  They are so cool" - Stephanie W. (Cleveland, Ohio)


"This is the third summer I have been wearing your topless.  I live in WV and my first pair was a gift from a Cal. cousin. After that I ordered several , selling some.   I love the reaction of people seeing me wear them and stopping me to ask "How so you keep those on?" I wear them on vacation, i wear them shopping , I love them." - Alta (West Virginia)


"I just bought a pair of Down-Unders because I was getting a tattoo on my foot and ankle. I needed something that wouldn't rub on the top of my foot while it healed, and your product was a life saver! Comfortable and cute too!" - Nicole (Pennsylvania)



"Hello from Kentucky, most people are barefoot here anyway, what a great product." - Sherry (Kentucky)


"I had a pair of these flip flops 10 or more years ago.  Yes, they are very comfortable and people look at you like how do they stay on your feet.  Just wanted to give you my comment." – Kaye (Kentucky)


"I was at a festival yesterday and bought a pair of your sandals. Wow! What a great idea! I am interested to learn of the possibilities with becoming a distributor." - Jeremy (Canada)


"Our store has had many requests for your sandals. We are a retail store in a tourist town by the water. These would sell GREAT in our store." - Pam (Texas)


"I bought a pair in Florida this past February, and I love them." - Shelley (Vermont)


"We have just recently had nice enough weather that I was able to open a package of Down~Unders that I purchased while I was on vacation!! I was so excited and thrilled to finally have the opportunity to give them a try!! I think that these are such a great idea and very practical for I enjoy having bare~feet as often as I can!! I have now worn them twice and I must admit..they are very comfortable and I have gotten many compliments already!!" - Niki (Canada)


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