Toe Thongs for Your Topless Sandals

Great accessories for Sticky Sandals!


Assorted colorful beads!

Elastic stretches to fit most feet. A Great accessory with the Topless Sticky Sandals!

See some styles below (*actual style may not be available).

(Note: Toe Thongs are sold in units of one, not in pairs.)




As with Sticky Sandals the Toe Thong styles change constantly and that is why we do not have multiple styles up for review on the web when ordering. Colors and designs are randomly selected for each order and we do not guarantee any styles or colors in stock. 


Notwithstanding, you can request possible designs and colors as listed below and we will try and accommodate, however there is no guarantee we still carry a specific pattern.


After you order, if you still wish for us to try and fill your order with a specific design, please e-mail us your order number and the item numbers listed below.


Choosing a specific design may delay your order since it is quite possible we are out of a specific Toe Thong below. Therefore, you may just wish to let us pick your designs randomly from our current inventory that will match your Sticky Sandals.


Only $4.95 Each (sold in units of one)