U. S. PATENTED #7,029,552

Sticky Sandals Are Easy as 1... 2... 3!

Our Sticky Sandals are the Highest Quality at the Lowest Prices!

"If you can find Topless Sandals of the same quality for less, please let us know and... we will beat the price... guaranteed!"

About our STICKY SANDALS - THAT'S COOL "TOPLESS" SANDALS, they can be worn for daily use and make a "GREAT" walking shoe. They adhere to your feet like a second skin! You can go barefoot or wear stockings, don't worry! Your "Sticky Sandals" will stay on! The only requirements for effective bonding are CLEAN, DRY FEET and CLEAN DRY SANDALS.


 Original Topless Sticky Sandals look just like standard flip-flops with one significant difference... No Straps!  Which makes them Cooler!


The patented sandal is covered in fashionable fabrics with a neoprene base. The adhesive coat allow wearers to step on the sandal and walk off. Cleaning with soap and water removes dust and dirt and cleaning re-invigorates the adhesive to cling to feet firmly. The special skin adhesive built into the sandal adheres to the foot without leaving a "sticky" residue.


The Original Topless Sticky Sandals are ideal as a beach shoe, pedicure sandal, house slipper, on the pool deck, to the market or just out for a walk. No tan lines, no hot feet, no blisters. All the comforts of being barefoot without the possibility of stepping on anything painful.

When your sandals "stickiness" diminishes, don't panic!! They just need to be washed up. A mild gentle soap will work; water and a soft bristle scouring brush are all you need. Scrub the adhesive surface lightly until dirt and oils are removed, this rejuvenate the glue, rinse and let air dry. (Usually 15 to 20 min). "Presto your sandals are ready to go again."

"Sticky Sandals" can be worn as a beach shoe, house slipper, to the pool and even in the shower. Yes I said shower! Just make sure your foot is bonded with the sandals and they will stay on your feet while you are washing up. They are really fun to wear - ENJOY!!!"

Imagine sandals that stick to your feet and doesn't flip or flop. Our Topless Sticky Sandals simply cling to your feet, with the option to dress your feet with the myriad of thong accessories or toe rings that can be truly displayed.


Say goodbye to irritations between your toes, blisters, and suntan lines! In addition, you can protect your pedicures. Topless Sticky Sandals are the latest trend of unique slippers which stick to your feet with or without socks!


The special skin adhesive allows the sandals to be used over and over again! Just clean with soap, water and allow drying completely.

Bare Feet - Cool Feet - Happy Feet - Tan Feet - Safe Feet - Get'um on Your Feet!

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